BECOME AN AFFILIATE (Register Below - Please see note below)
We love those who recommend and support Go Creations, and we would love to reward you for it. Our affiliate programme gives you 15% commission on any website purchased. Once you are registered as an affiliate, we will give you your unique code. When a client buys a product, they will be asked to insert your code in the Quote application.

PLEASE NOTE: (Who can register?)
As this programme is a Pilot Programme, those who can register can only be family or close friends of Graeme Wright (Go Creations), or are well known to a family or friend of Graeme Wright. ( This will change once we have tested our Affiliate Programme )

To register, you will also need a bank account in the UK. We will notify you when your recommended person buys a product and will then arrange for your 15% of purchase transfer.
Your banking details will only be required once we have a purchase to deposit into your account.

We suggest your surname followed by a number

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS AN AFFILIATE You or Go Creations may terminate your affiliate status at any point. You may use artwork and text links anywhere on social media or your website and in any emails you send out. We’d love it if you used the graphics and text provided by us, or you may create your own graphics as long as they are appropriately styled. We will provide some downloadable artwork at the bottom of this page. You are responsible to ensure that you communicate with those you advertise with that they use your affiliate code when filling out the Quote Form, or they can use your name and surname (They will be asked in the form - How did you find out about us? - that’s where they can fill in your details) As soon as a purchase has been made, we will contact you for details to transfer money into your chosen UK bank account.

  • Download artwork at the bottom of this page and share with friends on Social Media.
  • Talk with clients and friends - conversations through relationships works the best.
  • Send a personal email to someone you know may need a website or is starting a business.

EG: If you sold a 5 page website for £429 , you could earn £64.35 just for recommending us! Now that’s an easy way to earn extra cash.


(click above, right click, save as - save to your Desktop)

Download the Facebook Advert above, then advertise on your Facebook page to friends who you think might be interested in this offer, ask them to contact you if they are interested, when they contact you, you send details to me and then I can keep a record to ensure you get paid your 15% ( Please remember to register on the left before you start advertising ). OR they can contact me directly and leave your name in the option when they fill out a Quote/Booking form.

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